About our association

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Founded in 1972, the association supports the development of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, both on a financial and a moral level. It also strengthens cultural and artistic connections between France and Israel.

A Private Initiative

The first president of the association was Alix de Rothschild. After her death, she was succeeded by Guy Loudmer, and following him, the presidency of the association has been successively conducted by Henri Samuel, Marc Landeau and Denise Levy, Patricia Landeau, Claude and Françoise Segalot.

Since then, have shared the presidency of the association:

  • Mimette Drommelschlager and Philippe Cohen,
  • Chantal and Guy Wallier,
  • Patricia Landeau and Philippe Cohen,
  • Patricia Landeau and Véronique Chiche,
  • Patricia Landeau and Nathalie Mamane-Cohen.

Patricia Landeau and Mimette Drommelschlager are the actual presidents and Mrs. Denise Levy is the honorary president.

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Our vocation

Fully committed to contemporary art through its art acquisitions and its various activities, the AFMI seeks to raise awareness and enrich the heritage of the Israel Museum collection in France, Israel, and throughout the world.

Thanks to its numerous members and to the generosity of its donators, each year the association is able to allocate funds to buy various art acquisitions for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

A Collective Sponsorship

The association employs a fundraising model that depends upon both the generosity of its members and its donators.

The association organizes special events and projects with renowned artists, curators, and collectors who share their interest in art with its members.

Exhibitions, private tours, trips, or visits to artists’ studios are all opportunities for interaction and dialogue between the members of the association and the art world. The AFMI is a non-profit organization, registered by the association law of 1901 in France.

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